Surfing in New York: it’s oh so specialについて



Surfing in New York: it’s oh so special

New York is a busy town that rarely finds time to alert us for the liquid gems that break at some of its famed surf breaks.

But when fall falls over NY’s souls, there’s always something special and magic taking place in the ocean. The waves get brown, the lips get thick, and the sunsets reminds of how life is an illusion.

That’s when the truly committed East Coast surfing community puts on their neoprene defenses and go chasing their dreams.

Thank you, Mother Nature, for making surfing an individual sport. Because it reveals us to ourselves whenever we feel grateful for the moments we live out-the-back.

Watch Alex Fawess, Hunter Rainis, Jeff Anthony, Leif Engstrom, TJ Gumiela, and Travis Beckman discover a few New York surfing treasures.

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