João Kopke explores Portugal’s Alentejoについて



João Kopke explores Portugal’s Alentejo

Enjoying waves of the Vicentine Coast, experiencing the solemn atmosphere of the Chapel of Bones, in Evora, while casually jumping from an airplane, and tasting the Alentejo’s cuisine. Sounds cool?

João Kopke, 21, explores the “Coast of Freedom,” a trip along the Alentejo coast that reveals some of Portugal’s less known treasures.

This is the second episode of the “Riding Portugal,” a web series that uses surfing as the main thread and starting point to unravel the many secrets of western European country.

“The original concept for this episode was a typical trip along the Alentejo’s coast, and that’s why I chose to go with one of my best friends, Tomás Portas. But I also wanted to introduce some of the regional and cultural highlights. Therefore, we visited the Chapel of Bones in évora,” explains one Portugal’s best competitive surfer.

“And that made all the difference; the message there is very powerful, and it gave a whole new meaning to the trip: life is fleeting and has to be lived intensely. That was our starting point and the motto for this episode.”

A true mosaic of emotions with João Kopke at its core as the narrator and main character of an adventure that is meant to be watched and lived.

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